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Edbridge is an innovative product from I-Logix Innovations, a place where constant research is carried out in mobile connectivity and communication.
I-Logix Innovations - With brilliant and sustainable ITeS solutions and expertise in the mobile connectivity segment, we inspire the transformation of each of our clients and help businesses and institutions stay at par with the future technologies and adapt to them effectively, thereby enabling them to achieve what matters most in their pursuit. Driven by collaborative approach, we are passionate about developing tailored solutions which play largely on our clients’ strengths. We make sure our solutions integrate well with the existing IT systems of our clients so as to bring transformative and new capabilities for them. Technically, our solutions are based and designed on advanced technologies in order to provide maximum security and the best user experience.

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EDbridge is the flagship product of ILogix. Communication between teachers and parents is a very important aspect of education in today’s scenario and bridging the gap is our key objective. Edbridge is ‘next generation’ state of the art technology which enable parents and teachers connect with each other in a unique way so as to track a student’s progress and help him/her succeed in academics, school life and personal life. In general, EDbridge promotes sharing and collaborative problem-sharing between teachers and parents. With Edbridge, parents gain access to their child’s information conveniently in thie mobile without any GPRS or even a smart phone! It eventually making parent-teacher interaction more about discovering options for the betterment of the child rather than just reviewing. The best part is the parents and teachers are in complete control of this data. This ultimate two-way communication between parents and teachers undoubtedly, does the needful to enhance the overall personality and performance of a student. The result is, of course, smart students!

Why edbridge

i logix Next generation State of the Art technology
i logix Helps to address most important demand from parent -'listen to them'.
i logix Promotes sharing and collaborative problem-sharing between teachers & parents
i logix Teachers convenience
i logix Parents delight
i logix Increased trust factor of Parents
i logix Teachers & parents can use at their convenience
i logix Helping school to groom children using technology support
i logix Secure
i logix Personalised
i logix Easy to use
i logix Cost effective
i logix It’s not necessary to use a smart phone
i logix No need for GPRS connection
i logix Easy to install
i logix Seamless connectivity with school ERP
i logix Module can work independently
i logix Fast connectivity
i logix Helps to communicate effectively in special occasions like Picnic, Outings etc
i logix Add value to school


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